Valuing Online Learning

To say COVID-19 is a curveball to students’ education would be an understatement. However, life is overtly spontaneous, and we have to readily adapt to our given circumstances. The universal battle against COVID-19 has forced people all over the world to face the same health concerns; hopefully coming out of this, everyone will look at issues stemming from health, economics, and education through a more holistic lens. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a perpetually modernizing world, where we are not only advancing technologically, but we are also moving forward in terms of accessibility. Our passion for furthering our own education has driven us to greatly care about our community’s education as well. Refusing to let this pandemic hinder what we’ve worked so hard to build up will make for a headstrong re-entrance into a de-quarantined life. In being a part of WP Peer Tutors, we are doing our best to alleviate some repercussions that this long hiatus will inevitably have on students. This is the time to go beyond catching up on work; amid this crisis, there is an opportunity many of us have never had before.

Stay safe and see you on Zoom!

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