White Plains Peer Tutoring

We are a non-profit organization, tutoring students in a multitude of subjects virtually to help everyone through this pandemic and continue learning safely.

Our Mission

We believe every student deserves the right to education, no matter how challenging times may become. In the wake of the current pandemic, it can be extremely difficult for students to continue learning. Our mission is to help support White Plains students through peer tutoring, and to limit the impact school closures have on learning.

Student Created Blogs

Life In Quarantine

As of right now, students at White Plains High School have been out of school and in self-quarantine for a little over a month. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that social-distancing and staying in quarantine has been quite manageable for my family and I. Every family … Read more

Our Mission

With online learning taking the place of traditional in-class lectures, a paragon of opportunities have arisen. Proper partitioning of work coupled with easier exercises that teachers have been administering have allowed room for students to not only better themselves … Read more

Become a Tutor

If you’re an expert in a subject and you wanna help out, let us know!

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